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Sunday, August 03, 2008

August already?

We're only a few days into August ... here's what I've/Mike's/we've done this month:

Stalked some Twins players
Gotten a free DQ Twins hat
Made it up on the Jumbotron @ the dome
Ventured to Northfield
Knocked on the neighbor's door @ 1:30am to tell them to TURN THE FREAKING STEREO DOWN
Sat in a variety of summer construction

Starting tomorrow, a bunch of co-workers & I are participating in a challenge. We're not going to spend any money for a whole week. (exceptions are for rent, gas, or bills) And because we work in media, we're doing it for a broadcast week. I have Friday's MOA trip to see the New Kids grandfather'd in (that is a non-negotiable item) .... but we realized AFTER accepting the challenge that Thursday is DQ Miracle Treat day. Man we're irked! The one day when you can eat a blizzard & feel good about it because "it's for the Children". Oh well, guess we'll just have to look forward to it next year.

Let's get back to the MOA trip. I just realized that the last time I saw all 5 guys together in person was the Harriet Island "Magic Summer" Tour when I was in the 7th/8th grade .... bets on me passing out after meeting THEM ALL? LOL!


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