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Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekend Plans, et al

I'm reprising my role as "The Slice" in the Rosemount parade on Saturday. It should be fun! I mean really, when is dressing up like a pizza a bad time?

Saturday night we're heading to Amber & Wayne's. Nicole & Scott and Tami & Brian will all be there. The last time we were all together was St Patrick's Day -- so it's been a long time!

Sunday is celebrity time. Tami & I are going to the MOA to meet "Big Black" from MTV and Fred Savage from Wonder Years! I'm more excited about Kevin Arnold.

Alyssa & Ray are currently in Portugal. It's so fun to keep up with their travels via their website. They really do crack me up.

Countdown to Australia = 96 days!!

Mike & Mary & Bruce are going to "Spamalot" tonight at the Ordway. I'm glad they all share a love of Monty Python, because there's no chance of me going to see that play.


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