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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Who knew Tasmania was so big?

I'm really having a difficult time planning the Tasmania part of our Australia trip. Just when I think I've decided on a region to focus on & lodging that's as equally cool as it is affordable, I come across something that changes my mind. I know that no matter what part we end up going to, it'll be an awesome experience. FYI -- Tasmania is roughly the same size as Scotland.

The inital plan was to spend our first night in Hobart (we fly in kinda late). Then drive over to Strahan (west coast) and stay in an old policeman's hall. The area is a fishing village & I guess there's always something to see. In fact, just recently, a massive giant squid washed up on shore there.

That plan was dashed when I came across this really neat ecocabin place in Stanley. It's on the far northwestern tip & the cabins are built on sand dunes. You basically have your own private beach.

Well, Stanley was quickly replaced with the northeast coast .... as soon as I saw pictures of the Bay of Fires.
I'm drawn to them so I MUST go there. Here's one of the pics I stumbled across .... don't YOU think it looks amazing too?

Stanley & the Bay of Fires are about 5 hrs apart from each other .... so it's going to be one or the other.

To date, all the places I've been looking are north of Hobart. Well, now I'm seeing that there are all kinds of neat places to stay & things to do SOUTH of Hobart. UGH! We've got 3 full days in Tasmania ..... wonder where we'll end up?


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