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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The summer is flying by .... seems like it always does.

Mike's gotten into baseball w/me this year, so we've been spending most of the summer keeping up with the Twins. His fav is Dennis Reyes, I'm a Gomez gal. Although Alexi, Span, and Monroe are also favs.

We spend a weekend in North Dakota w/Jim & Kristi. Who knew there were so many "World's Largest ____" in ND? It was a fun weekend, but 9+ hrs each way can be a bit much.

Baramee & I were at the dome over the weekend to get the 2010 Twins hard hats (Mike didn't want to wait in line forever, so he stayed home). We're also going to the "All You Can Eat Seats" on 7/29 ... the motto of the night is: The first one to puke at the dome loses. Game on.

We've got 2 parades & Megan's wedding this month, so basically there goes every July weekend!


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